Minimize 3rd Party Risk, Control Your Data Downstream

Healthcare DataShyft solution graphic

Whether you are a local, regional or national healthcare firm, you are collecting and managing critical data that is shared with healthcare professionals and monitored in real time.  You may also need to share data with outside partners.

For example, a large healthcare enterprise monitors patient data, of which a subset needs to be sent to the insurance company.

In this scenario, DataShyft is the first IPaaS that allows you to:

  • Have full control of your data at all times
  • Access secure patient data in real time, including (but not limited to) medical charts, prescriptions, streaming data from heart monitors and other monitoring devices deployed in various locations
  • Access data from an office, hospital or surgical center, or in emergency situations, from a smartphone or laptop
  • Securely share data with insurance provider partners from cross-data center or cross-cloud solutions
  • Send only relevant data fields to partners
  • Remove data shared with partners based on specified rules
  • Create rules for workflow and data permissions, terms, and conditions of use
  • Ensure HIPPA regulations and compliance are met
  • Access audit logs