Low Code Automation

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  • DataShyft offers drag and drop transformation and integration components out of the box.
  • Custom components can be created for specific enterprise needs.
  • Supports databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and IBM DB2.
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All Data Components Easily Customizable 

Data Masking

  • Masks or removes fields in data to preserve privacy and security

Data Security Filtering

  • Enforce Data Security to ensure that only appropriate data is passed down the pipeline to subsequent components

Data Content Filtering

  • Examine data in the pipeline and only pass along data matching specified criteria
  • Allows for filtering data streams at the source to preserve limited bandwidth

Data Transformation

  • Convert data in the pipeline from one format to another
  • Allows the integration of outside systems into the data processing pipeline

Data Encryption

  • Data in the pipeline is encrypted in-transit between systems in the pipeline
  • Automatic key re-negotiation ensures that data remains protected

System Adapters

  • Allows the pipeline to interface with existing systems to extract and deliver information