Minimize 3rd Party Risk Securely and Efficiently


Data is aggregated and centralized with a third-party


Data remains decentralized while you maintain control

You are constantly moving and managing your data, while also managing the terms and conditions you place on vendors and other third parties… all of which can come at a high administrative cost. DataShyft provides secure data transformation while automatically ensuring those terms and conditions are met, reducing your time, and putting you back in control of your data no matter where it lives or how it is accessed. You also own the encryption keys that ensure military-grade security, keeping your data safe from man-in-the-middle attacks.

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DataShyft’s Data Security components enforce data terms, conditions, and permissions and can monitor the blockchain Smart Contract for any changes, providing an immutable audit trail.

DataShyft will help you manage both streaming and batch data providing the enterprise with important flexibility for any workflow.

  • Point-to-point data flow eliminates centralized aggregation and improves performance (Move critical data quickly enough to enable enhanced awareness)
  • Puts Compute where data lives – obfuscate the source, send only what’s required for target system
  • Rotates Encryption keys of data for secure transmission
  • No limitations on data source, target systems or data formats: data records, documents, free text, streaming
  • Works across cloud infrastructures
  • Blockchain integration for additional data governance
  • Reduce data/hardware complexities
  • Flexibility to scale up and down the enterprise
  • Robust API